Zed Bees: The perfect Christmas gift

If you're looking to give a low waste, eco-friendly gift to your friend or family member this Christmas, look no further than a Zed Bees subscription or gift box. This Manchester based online shop stock a range of essential bathroom products, perfect for gifting to someone who's trying to reduce their use of single use plastic products.

I spoke to the owners of Zed Bees, husband and wife duo Lee and Zoe, on the ethics behind the business and their plans for Christmas...

What made you decide to start Zed Bees?

We started the business for two main reasons...

Firstly, we thought there was an opportunity to start something which was focused on helping people commit to making the most simple switches to products which contain zero plastic and have much less of an impact on our environment than their high street alternatives. There are a number of eco-friendly start ups with great products who are all doing great work, and a number of subscription services encouraging customers to try new things. We're about combing the two, so when you've tried our great products, commit to them via the subscription and that will mean you're making more of an impact in the long term.

The second reason is about having something that we own, and that we can hopefully be proud of for years to come. It's a fascinating journey, already filled with lots of highs and lots of lows and if we can keep growing it steadily and sustainably then it'll be amazing to be able to work in something that we genuinely care about.

Best thing about running Zed Bees?

The best thing so far is that we're discovering so much all the time. I (Lee) have some experience in marketing and ecommerce and Zoe had some experience in logistics before this, but neither of us had direct experience in sustainable retail, so it's a cliche, but every day is a school day and it's fascinating!

What makes a Zed Bees subscription box the perfect Christmas gift?

So many reasons! As I mentioned above it's a great way to get people to commit to being more sustainable in their bathroom, and it's the commitment over a long period of time, multiplied by millions of people, which is one of the key ways we'll make a real difference.

Then there's the fact that you're supporting a chain of small businesses, including us, and helping them grow and get better.

Plus the products are lovely. We don't splash out on fancy packaging to draw you in, we let the products speak for themselves. And we genuinely believe they do.

The 3 Month Gift Subscription has been selling really well this year, as has the Starter Box and Handmade Soap Gift Box.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

It's all about our kids really. I love watching them get excited. Our son will be 20 months old in December, so it's the first Christmas where he'll be able to open his own presents, even if he still doesn't quite know what's going on. Our daughter is 4 and so she's already excited. That's the best bit by far.

Favourite Christmas track?

Ha that's a tough one! Let's go with Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.

Thanks to Lee and Zoe for giving us an insight into Zed Bees. Remember to shop small and local if possible this Christmas. Shop Zed Bees range of products here, I can highly recommend the soap gift box!


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