M20 Refills - Manchester's zero waste home delivery service

M20 Refills is a home refill service, supplying plastic free household products and food across South Manchester, Central Manchester and Stockport. Run by husband and wife duo Aaron and Fanni, M20 Refills provides eco-friendly liquid products in reusable glass bottles that are kept in circulation. At each delivery they collect the empty bottles that get washed and used again and again. M20 has also partnered with zero waste shop Lentils and Lather, to provide plastic free food that's delivered in recyclable paper bags.

Currently they operate two deliveries a week, covering different areas on each and also deliver to the city centre every few weeks once there is sufficient demand. I chatted to Aaron to find out more about the business...

What inspired you to start the business?

We were both very conscious of the amount of plastic we were consuming and at that time there was nowhere locally where we could refill anything. It is hard to believe but nearly 3 years ago there was significantly less widespread awareness of single use plastic, refilling, and the concept of zero-waste living. We were both keen to start up an eco-friendly business of some form and one night whilst watching Dragons Den I had the brainwave of setting up a home delivery service. Initially we planned to refill existing plastic bottles with products at each delivery, but we quickly realised this would be too time consuming and messy. The idea of the glass bottles came to fruition and we posted in a local Facebook group suggesting the concept. Within a few days it was clear there was massive interest, so we quickly set about creating a Facebook page, finding a supplier of bottles and products. About 2 weeks later we started taking orders!

What's your favourite thing about running M20 refills?

Believe it or not, seeing our empty bottles sat outside a house gives us a real feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Knowing that we are helping households reduce their plastic waste makes the challenge of running this business worthwhile. We love meeting our customers, especially when we can see children helping their parents take the bottles in and asking us questions about it. That gives us a sense of optimism for the future.

You recently launched a new website, what's changed?

Our new website was one of the biggest challenges we have faced since we started as we have quite a unique way of operating, taking orders and managing stock. We are now able to show pictures of all our products, give more detailed information, and offer a more simple and transparent ordering process. We now have an accurate stock management system in place which translates to less headaches for us and our customers!

What's next for M20 refills?

We are pleased to say there are no big changes scheduled at the moment! So really the main aim currently is to improve the service we offer, make things more streamlined and generally try to cope with the ever-increasing mass of bottles coming back to us each week!

You can find out more about M20 Refills on their website.


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