I tried shopping plastic free at Sainsbury's

Supermarkets now put over 900,000 tonnes of plastic packaging on their shelves a year. Like a lot of single-use plastic, it often finds its way into our oceans or heads straight to landfill. With this in mind, it got me thinking, "Is it even possible to shop plastic free in a UK Supermarket?" What better way to find out than to challenge myself to shop plastic free and feed myself and my boyfriend for 5 days? Let's see how I got on...

The main aims of the challenge:

• Try and buy products that are packaging free.

• If packaging free isn’t an option then buy products that are in cardboard, glass or tin. I will then either reuse that packaging or recycle it.

• Avoid plastic, even the ‘recyclable’ kind. Plastic cannot be infinitely recycled, like glass and tin can, it requires new virgin plastic adding to it each time to keep it at a high enough quality (this is a whole other topic that I can go into another time!)

Why I did the challenge:

• I love the independent, zero waste shops in Manchester, but I know a lot of my Instagram followers don’t necessarily have access to these as you live in other areas of the country. Sooo I decided to do this series to see what you can buy at ‘normal’ supermarkets.

• I’m also interested to see how good or bad our British supermarkets are at providing plastic free products. I will be following up with Sainsbury's afterwards to share my findings and see what they’re doing to reduce plastic waste.

Watch my introductory video:

What I ate on day 1 of the challenge:

What I ate on day 2 of the challenge:

What I ate on day 3 of the challenge:

What I ate on day 4 of the challenge:

What I ate on day 5 of the challenge:

The conclusion:

Thank you for reading! Pip x


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