Gruum: The Brand Shaking Up Your Shaving Routine

Gruum was set up in 2016 by four friends, Simon, Beth, Andy and George. Based in Manchester, the brand is built on three core principles: simplicity, honesty and fairness. Concerned about the impact that product packaging waste is having on the world around us, they set out to create a brand that is kind to the body and the planet.

The brand never tests on animals or sources from suppliers who do, and their products are free from chemical nasties and packed full of natural ingredients. They also never use EDTA, parabens, SLS or artificial colours in their products.

Gruum do stock products in plastic bottles unfortunately, which weren’t of interest to me, however I was at least pleased to see they’re in fully recyclable packaging. What I was more interested in was their great range of zero-waste hair and body products and their razor cartridge recycling scheme, which I go into more detail on below.

Gruum Rose Chrome Shaver & Cartridge Heads

In the US, it’s estimated that 2 billion razors end up in landfill every year. Most disposable razors aren’t possible to recycle because of the multitude of materials used to make them – rubber on the handle for grip, plastic for the handle, and metal for the blades. Aside from the recycling challenge, the blades can also pose a safety risk for waste workers if they’re not disposed of correctly.

This is where Gruum comes in, with the launch of the UK’s first razor cartridge recycling scheme for their customers. Simply return your used Gruum razor cartridges back to them in batches of 16 using a freepost label, and they’ll recycle them on your behalf.

Their razor handles come in a range of bright and beautiful shades, with the option of either five or three blade cartridges, made from high grade steel. I went for the limited edition chrome rose handle and three blade cartridges. The ergonomic design of the handle provides the perfect grip, and the cartridge sits on a full 90 degree pivot swing to allow you to get to hard to reach places. My favourite feature is the optimum blade spacing on the shaver heads, meaning a clog-free shave every time – no more hitting my shaver on the bathroom tiles to try and unclog!

If all that wasn’t enough to make Gruum a brand to love, they also offer a subscribe and save scheme. When you subscribe to a regular plan you can get savings of up to 50% compared to their on-demand prices. I’m yet to do this as I wanted to try out the shaver before committing, but definitely will once I’ve worked my way through my shaver cartridges.

Since receiving my shaver in the post I actually look forward to shaving! I love the design of the handle and the smoothness of the shave. The only thing I was slightly disappointed in was the small amount of plastic packaging that the razor heads arrived in. I understand this is probably for health and safety reasons, but I assume a cardboard protector could be used as an alternative. Other than that, it’s a 10/10 from me!

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