Ethique Trial Pack Review

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trialling the Ethique Pack For Normal Skin & Hair. Inside the box are four mini solid bars: Pinkalicious shampoo bar, Wonderbar conditioner bar, Bliss Bar solid cleanser and Sweet Orange & Vanilla moisturising body bar. The products are zero waste, vegan, and free from palm oil, parabens and SLS. I’ve never tried anything from Ethique previously, so I was excited to do so!

About Ethique

Ethique (French for ethical) was started by Brianne West in New Zealand back in 2012. She began making natural beauty bars during her science degree, as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally each year. Since then, Ethique has grown into a global brand and has developed over forty products – from solid deodorants to cleansers and moisturisers. To date, they have stopped over 6 million plastic bottles from being made and disposed of into landfills – amazing!

Time for me to run through what I think of each product…

Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar:

Loaded with Samoan coconut and cocoa butter, this soap free shampoo suits all hair types. I’ve found with using other shampoo bars that they sometimes don’t lather up all that well, however, this wasn’t the case with Pinkalicious! With a few easy swipes onto my wet hair, it lathers up a treat. Ethique describes the bar as smelling of grapefruit and vanilla. I can definitely smell the vanilla, however I’m not getting the grapefruit notes. It smells super sweet (which I love), but if sweet fragrances aren’t for you I’d steer clear of this one. I don’t find that the smell necessarily lasts on my hair, but it leaves my hair feeling clean and refreshed, which is exactly what I want from a shampoo.

Wonderbar Solid Conditioner:

Organic, fair trade coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin B5 make this bar super effective. I smooth it on to the mid lengths and ends of my hair to leave it feeling lightly moisturised. I don’t find the conditioner too heavy, which can sometimes be the case for other conditioners on my fine hair. It’s 100% soap free and safe to use on colour treated hair. Again, this bar smells quite sweet, but a little less so than the shampoo bar. It doesn’t really leave a scent on my hair throughout the day though, which is a shame. Amazingly, it also doubles up as a shaving bar. It leaves my legs feeling really smooth and moisturised after shaving. I love a multi-use product!

Bliss Bar Solid Cleanser:

The Bliss Bar is a gentle face cleanser suitable for normal to dry skin. 100% soap and fragrance free, it cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Personally, I’d say I have combination to normal skin and it works well for me, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed, but not dry. If you’re a lover of coconut scents then this is the perfect cleanser for you, it’s packed with coconut butter so has a delicious, natural coconut fragrance. I simply wet the bar, rub it between my hands and rub over my damp face. I use this as my second cleanser to remove any remaining traces of makeup. I wear quite a heavy foundation so I find it necessary to cleanse twice, however if you don’t wear much makeup then cleansing with this bar alone should be enough for you.

Sweet Orange & Vanilla Moisturising Body Bar:

Of all of the products, this is probably my favourite! I apply it after getting out of the shower and it leaves me moisturised for the whole day. I suffer with dry patches of skin on the backs of my arms and this has sorted those right out, it’s a miracle! It’s made with organic cocoa butter, coconut oil and essential oils. The only tricky part is when the bar gets smaller as you’re running out, it becomes more difficult to use. However, I found that if I break a small piece of it off, and warm it between my hands, it turns into a liquid moisturiser. This makes it much easier to rub over your skin.

Overall, this is a great tester kit to see if the products work for you before purchasing the full size versions. Ethique also sells similar tester packs for dry and oily skin, so there’s a pack for each skin type. As with most solid products, make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight and heat as they can melt easily. I’d totally recommend this pack for anyone either looking to start their zero waste journey or try out something new! In the UK, it’s available at Holland & Barrett or Amazon.

Have you tried any Ethique products? What did you think? Leave a comment below!

Pip x


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