Brand Of The Month: Hairy Jayne

Hairy Jayne is an independent, handmade hair company, based in Bristol, UK. The brand makes and sells delicious smelling hair care products that are vegan, 100% cruelty free, natural and sustainable… there are so many positives, I could keep going! If you want to find out more about the brand and how it can save your hair, keep reading…

The brand’s founder, Jayne, previously worked as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. After realising it wasn’t where she wanted to be, she decided to train as a hairdresser. For years she worked in various salons across London and began experimenting with making her own products. After completing some courses in natural product making and with lots of hairdressing experience behind her, Hairy Jayne was born!

Following years of speaking to women over the hairdressing chair, Jayne found that the most common problem amongst them was their hair felt dry (preach!). With this in mind, the brand creates products to remedy this issue, and uses only the best moisturising ingredients available.

The Hairy Jayne Sample Collection

With everything from solid shampoo bars, to refillable bottled shampoos and conditioners, and even hair perfume (for those days when washing your hair is too much to deal with!) Hairy Jayne has everything your hair could possibly need! All the products come in three delicious fragrances – citrus, floral and musk, so there’s something to suit anyone’s taste.

All Hairy Jayne products contain naturally derived and vegan ingredients and are sulfate and paraben free. The brand is registered with the Vegan Society and every product is 100% cruelty free. Hairy Jayne doesn’t use any artificial colours or ‘fillers’ and their packaging is either recyclable or refillable. Like I said at the beginning, lots of positives, this is certainly a brand that deserves a big shout out!

I have fine hair, with dry, bleached ends and an oily scalp. I use the citrus scented bottled shampoo and cream conditioner. It makes my hair feel clean and moisturised, but not heavy or greasy like so many other moisturising hair products can do. I’d highly recommend this brand to anyone who’s looking to change up their hair washing routine. Hairy Jayne offers sample size products too, so you can trial those first to see what works for you. My next purchase will definitely be the hair perfume with heat protection, can’t wait to try it!

Pip x

Check out Hairy Jayne here.


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