5 UK Zero Waste Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking to begin your zero waste journey, a subscription box can be a great place to start. You get to try a variety of new products each month, often for a lower price than if you were to buy each item individually. Subscription boxes can also be a worthy investment if you’re fond of a postal treat every now and then. Subscription boxes really can be the gift that keeps on giving. Personally, I love the joy of a subscription box arriving in the post. They provide the perfect opportunity to try out products you might not ordinarily come across or use.

In this post I’ve rounded up six zero waste subscription boxes available in the UK right now. Each subscription service has their own unique products and offerings, so whether you’re after monthly essentials, or you simply fancy trying out some surprise new products once in a while, there’s something for everyone.

1. Shorebox

Shorebox began in 2019 by entrepreneurs Charlie and James. Each month they post out four eco friendly essentials to their subscribers. They believe that by receiving just four zero waste items each month you can make small changes to your lifestyle that make a big difference to the planet.

Each month, subscribers recieve three products that equip them with zero waste essentials for the kitchen or bathroom. You then get the option of choosing between two other products for your fourth item. This gives a great sense of personalisation to the box. The cute branding and illustrations give this brand real personality and make it stand out from the crowd.

The Details:

What’s the cost? £14.99 per month + £3 P&P.

What do I get? Four products per month.

Why are they great? Shorebox plants a tree for every box they send out.

Anything else? You get 10% off your first order.

2. Authentic House

Based in Cardiff, Authentic House was started in 2018 by Alice. She realised that ethical living wasn’t just about solar panels and eco-homes, but also to do with the small everyday stuff too – such as products used in the home. Their company aim is to build a community around making simple, positive changes each month.

Authentic House gives customers the option of subscribing to monthly, bimonthly or seasonal boxes filled with inspirational, ethical products. They also offer three different size boxes – small (3 – 4 products), medium (4 – 5 products) and large (5 – 6 products). Each box has a selection of products for your bathroom, kitchen and general household.

The Details:

What’s the cost? Small box: £14. Medium box: £17. Large box: £23.

What do I get? Depending on which size box you choose you’ll receive between three to six products in each box.

Why are they great? For each box sold, Authentic House donates money to Trees For Cities, a charity that works to improve lives by planting trees in the UK and across the world.

Anything else? They also sell gift boxes so you can share zero waste love with family and friends!

3. Green Future Box

Green Future Box was started by Jon MacAllen. After beginning to make changes to his daily routine and trying to replace some everyday items, Jon found it surprisingly difficult to find affordable and suitable alternatives. He set up Green Future Box to make a zero waste lifestyle more achievable for everyone. The subscription service gives people the opportunity to try products they may have not heard of or got the chance to try previously.

Green Future Box keep their pricing super simple at £19.99 every month for a box with a minimum value of £25. They offer free shipping and each monthly box has a theme, so the products you receive work well together. For example, previous boxes have had a kitchen or bathing theme.

The Details:

What’s the cost? £19.99.

What do I get? Products worth at least £25 in total.

Why are they great? Each box has a theme so you can work on making zero waste changes to different parts of your home each month.

Anything else? Free shipping.

4. Unwrpd

Unwrpd takes a slightly different approach with their subscription box offering. They offer a customisable subscription box, with the option of additional monthly product add ons. You can switch products out whenever you want and can choose whether you want the box delivering every one, two or three months.

Because of this flexibility there is no fixed pricing on the subscription box, and you’re free to add as many bathroom and kitchen products to the box as you like. Unwrpd also stock zero waste gift boxes, priced at £30, £40 and £45. These provide a great selection of curated products to either try for yourself or to send as a gift.

The Details:

What’s the cost? It depends on the amount of products you order, plus £3.90 shipping.

What do I get? As many products as you need, the box and price is completely customisable depending on what you order.

Why are they great? At the checkout, Unwrpd estimates how much plastic waste you’re saving by ordering one of their zero waste boxes.

Anything else? 20% off your first box.

5. Zedbees

Zedbees creates plastic free subscription boxes full of bathroom staples. They recommend beginning with their Starter Box. Once you’ve received this first box, you can then keep topping up your supplies with their monthly subscription box. It’s £17 for the starter box, then £10 for the monthly subscription top up box. The monthly box comes with two soaps, a shampoo bar and toothpaste tablets, and the starter box comes with the same products, plus a toothbrush and loofah. It makes perfect sense to begin with the starter box then have the top ups every month thereafter, as you wouldn’t need a new toothbrush or loofah every month.

This simple subscription box takes the hassle out of sourcing your own eco friendly essentials. Zedbees offers flexible subscriptions too, so if you find you have enough of your products left at the end of the month still, then you can pause the box until you need them replenished. They also offer custom subscription boxes, where you can add zero waste items such as deodorant and a face mask.

The Details:

What’s the cost? £17 for the starter box, then £10 a month for product top ups, plus £3 postage.

What do I get? Four essential bathroom products.

Why are they great? Provides subscribers with bathroom essentials, to make switching to zero waste as simple as possible.

Anything else? Zedbees offer 20% off on purchases over £30, perfect for if you’re building a custom box.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration into which zero waste subscription box works best for you and your lifestyle. Please comment below if you have tried any of the subscriptions mentioned in the post or if you are currently subscribed. I’d also love to hear if you have any other recommendations!

Pip x

*All offers and details correct on the date of writing the post.


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